Product Release : New QCBox-ATEX for Process Monitoring

September 1, 2016

Product Release : New QCBox-ATEX for Process Monitoring

REIMS, France, September 1st, 2016,

Aerovia, the manufacturer of the revolutionary patented photoacoustic spectrometer is launching its latest trace gas analyzer: the QCBox-ATEX for harsh and explosive atmosphere environment applications.

The universal photoacoustic platform based around a Helmholtz resonator cell has been integrated into an ATEX-compliant casing, enabling the unsurpassed trace gas detection capabilities to be deployed for all types of applications. It offers a solution for continuous process monitoring of trace pollutants or by-products gases which degrade the production of the chemical or petrochemical plants.
The QCBox-ATEX brings quality control of processes to a new level with the ability to selectively carry out analysis in complex, corrosive and often toxic gas matrices whose composition can vary drastically over time. In such conditions an accurate and reliable measurement makes all the difference to all very demanding applications.

Based on the Lasersmartâ„¢ line, the QCBox-ATEX can accommodate up to two laser sources in a rugged casing. Equipped with the brand new internally-designed digital electronics and the latest software, the calibration and measurement operations have been optimized and simplified to allow a monitoring of the process by any personnel. The separated electronics control box is also equipped with a latest generation non-contact keyboard for a local operation of the instrument.
The QCBox-ATEX comes with all the qualities of the Aerovia photoacoustic platform: accuracy, selectivity, huge linear detection range (from ppb up to %), low LOD and, most important to customers, almost maintenance-free.

The QCBox-ATEX is distributed through the Aerovia sales network worldwide.

For more information about the capabilities of the QCBox-ATEX or a feasibility study about the monitoring of your process please contact us or our representative at your location.