General Details


MultiGas Measurements

  • Detection from 1 gas up to 4 gases
  • Direct measurements of gases
  • No interferences
  • 1 Linear calibration over the 0-5% range
  • ppb range for most molecules
  • Linearity, ppb to > 10 000 ppm (1%)
  • Accuracy < 1 %
  • Stability < 1 %

Our instruments are designed to combine performances and ease-of-use:

  • Latest digital electronics to improve the signal quality
  • Full range linear calibration (ppb – % range)
  • Optimized photoacoustic cell according to the applications
  • User-friendly software
  • Robustness due to
    • non-mechanical moving part
    • No high precision optics and mirrors
    • Not sensitive to vibrations
    • Not sensitive to temperature changes
  • On-site calibration without need for returns to manufacturer
  • Maintenance-free equiment
Measurement TechniquePhotoacoustic spectroscopy
IR SourcesUp to 4 sources:
Quantum Cascade Lasers (Spectral half-width < 0.2 cm-1)
Tunable Diode Lasers (Spectral half-width < 1 cm-1)
Additional Environmental sensorsHumidity sensor
Pressure sensor
Temperature sensor
Mass Flow
Temperature Rangefrom -10°C up to 40°C
(Storage between -10°C and +55°C)
Sample Gas Temperature-10°C to 80°C
Pressure range0.7 to 2 bar
Pressure in the gas system must be stable at +/- 5 mbar (over 1 h)
Humidity Range< 99 % non condensing
Measurement Gas Flow RatesSampling mode: 1-36 l/h,(optimum performances between 50 and 100 cm3/min)
Continuous mode:24 ± 5 L/h required
Response TimeT90 = 10s
Measurement Rate2Hz, 10 s interval between each gas measurements.
Frequency Acquisition rate for each gas = 1 / (10 s x numb of gases) = [s-1]
Warm-up time10 min to measurement start
2 hours to reach optimal performances
Inputs and outputs 
Inlet gas port connector6 mm Swagelok Type
Outlet gas port connector6 mm Swagelok Type
Exhaust gas port connector6 mm Swagelok Type
Analog Signal out0-10 V
Analog Signal outRS-232
Digital Signal outRJ-45 for TCP/IP communications
PC Software interface (PADAControl TM)
USB portStandard USB port for data back-up
Electrical configuration 
Power Supply230 V 50-60 Hz (on demand 110 V 50-60 Hz)
Electronic CalibrationFactory calibration of QCL/TDL
Size3U Electronics control box (13 cm x 47 cm x 37 cm) (HxWxD)
3U Measurement cell box (13 cm x 47 cm x 49 cm) (HxWxD)
Weight3U Electronics control box 10 kg
3U Measurement cell box 10 kg
Installation19'' rack compatible (6U) or Benchtop
PumpOn demand
Gas Dilution SystemOn demand (integrated or external)
Calibration GasOn demand
Gas Drying system
On demand


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