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The laserSmart Analyzer is the generic name for all our QCBox with an explosion-proof casing.

The LaserSmart analyzers bring multigas measurements with unprecedented sensitivity.

  • 2-Gas Analyzer
  • ATEX certification
    Rugged design to be be environmentally challenging sites.
  • Industrial premises, gas and oil treatment plants, chemical factories
  • Alarms upon threshold crossings
  • Connected via Internet to a central server
  • ppt range for most molecules
  • Linearity, ppm to > 10 000 ppm (1%)
  • Accuracy < 1 %
  • Stability < 1 %
  • 4-20 mA analog outputs

LaserSmart Analyzer

LaserSmart H2S triMeC5

QCBox-ATEX : a photoacoustic spectrometer dedicated to process monitoring

Our instruments are designed to combine performances and ease-of-use:

  • Latest digital electronics to improve the signal quality
  • Full range linear calibration (ppb – % range)
  • Optimized photoacoustic cell according to the applications
  • User-friendly software
  • Robustness due to
    • non-mechanical moving part
    • No high precision optics and mirrors
    • Not sensitive to vibrations
    • Not sensitive to temperature changes
  • On-site calibration without need for returns to manufacturer
  • Maintenance-free equiment
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