Automotive Emissions

The Industrialisation of the XIX Century has seen drastic increase of all means of transportation.
The invention of the automobile brought relief in the life of people, but nowadays, those cars, lorries and buses are responsible for many airborne pollutions and impact not only in megapoles but also in rural areas.
The need of cleaner cars has brought new tigher regulations and the need for careful monitoring of automotive emissions.
Our photoacoustic photometer are participating in that effort to curbe the pollution level down but providing accurate measurement of all molecules of interest including, N2O, NOx, SOx, H2S, Formaldheyde, CO, CO2…

Recommended Analyzers

Molecules Specs

MoleculeDetection inMore info
CO2 in airDetection of Carbon Dioxide in airClick to see LOD and linear range
H2S in airDetection of Sulfur Dioxide in airClick to see LOD and linear range